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There are many different steps to take when you’re ready to sell your home. Before the property is listed, it’s important to perform an inspection to determine if there are any underlying issues. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to schedule a pre-listing inspection before potential buyers begin viewing your property.

1. Perform Necessary Repairs

Scheduling a home inspection in advance helps you learn of any necessary repairs. You can decide which issues need attention or if you want to leave them as-is. Performing repairs in advance lets you advertise the house as being in excellent condition and you’ll avoid surprises in the buyer’s inspection. If you find a problem after you schedule a pre-listing inspection, you can avoid scaring away potential buyers by making repairs before the house is listed.

2. Improve Buyer Confidence

When you schedule a pre-listing inspection, it can improve potential buyers’ confidence in the property. They’re spending a significant amount of money to invest in real estate, which can cause them to have second thoughts if there are any significant problems. Most buyers won’t want to buy a house that needs major repairs after they move in.

3. Schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection to Boost Your Home’s Value

Scheduling a home inspection helps you to boost your home’s value and avoid losing money on the property once you sell it. By uncovering any issues, you’ll get the chance to make the repairs before the house is listed. This can also help reduce negotiations after the inspection. You’ll be aware of any minor or serious issues in the home and you can focus on fixing the ones that will increase the home’s value.

4. Make Your Agent’s Job Easier

You’ll make your real estate agent’s job easier when you schedule a pre-listing inspection because they won’t be blindsided by a surprise problem. If they aren’t aware of the exact state of the house then they’re likely to face challenges after the buyer has already submitted an offer. The agent will also be able to compare it to similar homes when deciding what the listing price should be before it’s advertised.

5. Sell it Quickly

With a clean pre-listing inspection report, you can sell the house quickly instead of having it sit on the market for too long. The house will prove to have fewer issues once the repairs are made and will be in higher demand due to its great condition.

6. Avoid Stress

Selling a house can be a stressful process. When you schedule a pre-listing inspection as one of the first steps, you can reduce stress by knowing all the information about your property upfront.

There are many reasons to schedule a pre-listing inspection before your house is listed on the market. Knowing about any issues in advance can give you an advantage and make the property easier to sell.

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