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High humidity is uncomfortable and can cause other problems including peeling wallpaper, mold growth, damage to your home and belongings, and respiratory issues in family members. Here are some ways to reduce humidity in the home.

Reduce Humidity in the Home With the AC System

Running your air conditioner will help reduce humidity in your home. This works by improving airflow and introducing cooler air into the environment. Have the air conditioner serviced by a professional annually. They will inspect the system and take care of any maintenance issues.

Use Ventilation Fans

If you like taking hot showers, cut back on how long they last. Keep the door cracked to allow steam to escape the bathroom. If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, turn it on before you get in and leave it on for about 15 minutes after you get out of the shower.

When cooking, use the ventilation fan above the stove. It will pull hot air and moisture out of your home and help reduce humidity.

Dry Laundry Outdoors

A great way to save money and reduce humidity in the home is to line dry your clothing outdoors. It may take longer than using the dryer, but you will also benefit from a lower electric bill and a cooler home. If you do a lot of laundry, alternate between putting one load on the clothesline and one in the dryer.

Prevent Leaks to Reduce Humidity in the Home

Inspect your home for any water leaks as they can contribute to high humidity levels. Check around your faucets, under the sinks, near the water heater, around the washing machine, and behind the toilets.

Keep the gutters clean to funnel rainwater away from the home. Have the roof inspected annually and keep up with proper maintenance to prevent water from leaking into the home due to deteriorating roof materials.


Investing in a dehumidifier is an easy way to reduce the humidity in your home. Find out how much square footage the appliance will cover to help you determine the number of dehumidifiers you need. Make sure you empty the reservoir as needed to keep the machine operating efficiently.

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