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Moving is an exciting but stressful time. You’re excited to get a fresh start in a new home and there’s a lot to do before you move. Keep stress to a minimum by using these moving tips for your family.

1. Don’t Stress When You Use These Moving Tips for Your Family

When packing up to move, plan the move ahead of time to keep things calm and stress-free. Create a schedule for packing each room and get the kids to help with easy tasks.

Allow plenty of time to prepare food and stick to your daily routine when you can. Young children will start to feel the tension and may worry if their schedules are disrupted. Help them by setting small goals each day and celebrating accomplishments.

2. Prep a First Night Suitcase

Once the packing begins, it will be easy to lose track of items that you will need the first night at your new place. Pack a suitcase with essentials for the family.

Gather things like clothes, medication, your child’s favorite stuffed animal, phone chargers, pillows, keys, paper plates, cups, snacks, and any other necessities. Keep all these items together in one laundry basket or suitcase so that they are separate from your packing boxes.

3. Declutter and Organize

One of the best moving tips for your family is to declutter before you pack. Go through each room of your house. Make piles of items that you will either keep or donate. Put boxes of items to be donated in the car and drop them off as soon as possible.

When you pack and label each room, only include the items that actually belong in those rooms. When you unpack, you will know that the box labeled “living room” contains only your living room items.

4. Packing Supplies

When you are moving a large number of belongings, you will want good, sturdy boxes. Save yourself time and money by packing your belongings correctly. Keep your belongings safe from damage by investing in packing materials like bubble wrap.

T-shirts, washcloths, and towels can also be used to protect your breakable belongings. Tape each box carefully with strong packing tape to make sure it is secure. Gather the proper supplies before you begin packing so you have the necessary materials on hand.

5. Moving Tips for Your Family Include: Label Everything

When packing a box, clearly label it with the name of the room where it belongs. Use bold markers or purchase colored labels to stay organized.

If you have hired movers, it will be easy for them to see where boxes go by checking the color on the label. Under these room labels, list what is in each box. You will take the guesswork out of unpacking when you know what is in each box before you open it.

Moving a family doesn’t have to be a headache. Enjoy the excitement of this adventure when you organize, gather your packing supplies, and have your family help you pack.

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