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Clutter in your home makes you feel cramped, anxious, and frustrated. It takes up valuable space in your house and makes it hard to find things. Getting rid of clutter can feel overwhelming, but with a little focus and planning, it is an achievable goal. Here are 4 steps for decluttering your home.

Where to Begin When Decluttering Your Home

There is no correct place to begin this project because it depends on your unique situation. It is important to focus on one area at a time, and it’s best to get the messiest area over with first. This may be a bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, or extra room that has become a catch-all. Once you declutter and see the results of your work, you’ll be motivated to continue throughout the home.

Clear Out and Clean

Once you’ve honed in on an area, move everything out of it and spread out the items so they are all visible. You now have an empty space you can clean. Deep clean the area until it is spotless. You may not have the opportunity to clean this empty space again for a long time.

Decide What to Keep and Get Rid Of

Now that you can see everything that was in the space, sort through it and decide what you’ll keep. The goal is to get rid of items that are just taking up space. Throw them away if they are useless, or donate them to a thrift store or charity. If you find a valuable item that you could sell for a hundred dollars or more, list it for sale online. Take the box of donations to your car and throw away the trash.

Organize in a Way That Makes Sense After Decluttering Your Home

After thinning out your belongings, you are left with fewer items to organize and put back. Organize them in a way that makes sense to you. Similar items should be grouped together. Put things you use often within easy reach. If you find things that don’t belong in that area at all, set them aside.

Now that you have completed decluttering one section of your home, you know that it can be done painlessly. Continue to work on another area if you have dedicated your whole day to the project. Another option is to do one small section per day or set aside a few hours for decluttering every weekend.

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