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When you live on the coast, you probably monitor weather conditions throughout hurricane season. Hurricanes can be somewhat unpredictable, however, there’s often ample notice to prepare your home for the storm and to evacuate if needed. This article discusses steps to take at the beginning of the summer to prepare your home for hurricane season.

Why You Should Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane-force winds begin at 74 miles per hour and can exceed 160 miles per hour. In addition, tornadoes and heavy rains associated with the storm can wreak havoc on a home. Coastal homes are destroyed by hurricanes every year. However, in many cases, damage can be reduced or prevented altogether when you get your home ready for a hurricane.

1. Protect the Windows

Windows are the most fragile exterior features on your home. They can shatter in strong winds or because of projectiles. When windows are damaged, wind and rain from the storm can harm the inside of the structure and its contents.

When preparing your home, protecting your windows should be a top priority. Invest in hurricane windows or storm shutters. If these are not available, plan to board all windows with plywood when the next storm is on its way.

2. Clear Your Yard to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Before a hurricane arrives, remove all objects that can be moved by storm winds. Severe winds are strong enough to uproot trees and move cars. To prepare, clear your yard of items like children’s toys, grills, and patio furniture that is not securely anchored to the ground.

3. Trim Vegetation Around Your Home

Carefully prune tree branches and bushes away from the home. Foliage should be trimmed far enough away from the windows that a strong gust of wind cannot blow them into the home. Remove damaged or weak branches and any that hang over the roof.

4. Request a Home Inspection

Each year, schedule a home inspection. A professional inspector will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities throughout the structure so that problems can be addressed before severe weather hits. Issues with the roof, walls, and decking are some of the areas that may be noted in the inspection report.

Prepare your home for hurricane season by taking these steps. Use your home inspection report to identify additional steps you can take that are specific to your home’s needs.

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