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A home inspection is essential for both buyers and sellers. Buying a house is a complicated process. Buyers need to have thorough information about the home they are buying. A pre-listing home inspection report is crucial for sellers to be informed of the necessary repairs to secure a faster closing. Here are 6 home issues found during an inspection that buyers should pay attention to.

Structural Home Issues

Structural problems are among the major issues highlighted in the home inspection report. Most structural issues originate in the foundation, attic, basement, crawl space, roof, framing, joists, drainage systems, or walls. Many of these issues are a result of poor construction, lack of maintenance, and natural disasters. Signs of structural problems in the inspection report should prompt a further conversation with the seller unless the problems had been previously disclosed. If sellers discover structural issues from their pre-listing inspection, it is advised to address them before putting the home on the market.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Many home inspectors report electrical defects as one of the major issues found during a home inspection. It is a costly problem, especially for home sellers who want to sell quickly. Statistics indicate that faulty wiring systems cause many home fires. Home sellers need to conduct proper wiring repairs since electrical problems reduce the house’s value significantly and concern potential buyers.

Home Issues With Water Damage

As a home seller, water damage to your house’s structure is one of the costliest and most damaging problems you can encounter. Also, water damage is among the major reasons buyers tend to back out of a deal. Damage caused by water may be visible on the walls, ceilings, basement, and near the foundation, and it can also be hidden. Rotting and moldy materials caused by water damage should be removed and replaced, and the source of the leak also needs to be pinpointed and repaired.

Roof Issues

Major signs of roof problems include damaged flashing, broken or missing shingles, and exposed nail heads. The buyer can handle some minor roof issues after purchase, but replacing the roof entirely is a significant investment and needs to be done by professionals.

Home Issues With Poor Drainage

Signs of a poor drainage system are visible around the foundation and from leaks in the basement. Many drainage issues are caused by shifting and cracking of the foundation. These issues can result in damp or wet crawlspaces and mold. Drainage issues may be costly and tend to scare away buyers.

Faulty Heating and Cooling Systems

Issues with HVAC systems arise from incorrectly installed ductwork, deferred maintenance, and units at the end of their lifespan. Many buyers consider the state of the heating and cooling system before closing on a house.

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