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The home’s deck is a favorite place for many people. During nice weather, nothing beats relaxing on the deck. However, sun, rain, and wind wear down your deck over time. Also, there are simple touches that make a big difference in the ambiance and comfort of the deck. This article goes over 4 DIY ways to improve your deck.

DIY Ways to Improve Your Deck With Lighting

If you don’t want to have to venture inside once the sun goes down, you need adequate lighting on your deck. A bright floodlight doesn’t make the atmosphere feel cozy. Hang string lights overhead, connected to posts that are attached to the deck’s railings. If your deck has a ceiling, install a chandelier or ceiling fan. Adding solar lights to the steps that automatically turn on at dark to make them safer.

DIY Ways to Improve Your Deck by Adding Shade

You will appreciate some shade on your deck during the hottest days of summer. Adding a shade sail is one of the easiest DIY ways to improve your deck that is also the most rewarding. You can also place a large potted plant on the deck to add a shady spot, or a trellis for vines to grow up.

Make the Deck More Comfortable

It’s important to have comfortable furniture to make the deck enjoyable. Cushions make the deck cozier but you’ll want to make sure they are waterproof and meant for outdoor use. They will last longer and stay in better condition if you put them away when not in use.

Repair and Refinish the Deck

One of the mandatory DIY ways to improve your deck is to repair it when needed and refinish the surface every year or so. If boards are warped, broken, or rotting, or railings are loose, they need to be fixed to make the deck safe. The surface of a wooden deck should be sanded and sealed yearly or every two years, depending on what type of wood it is.

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