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When working on home improvement projects, you may be using sharp and powerful tools or dangerous chemicals. A small mistake can lead to a big injury. Here are 7 DIY safety precautions that are important to follow.

DIY Safety Precautions: Wear Protective Gear

For any projects that require the use of power tools, wear safety goggles and ear protection. Gloves should be worn when working with chemicals, paints, or sharp tools. If the work is causing a lot of dust or if there are fumes from harsh chemicals, wear a mask over your mouth and nose.

Use Clamps to Hold Wood

When hammering or sawing wood, it’s unsafe to hold it in place with your hands. Use a clamp to secure a piece of wood to the work table. Purchase a set of several sizes so you will always have the size you need for any project.

Follow Instructions

The outcome of your project will always be better when you’ve read and followed the instructions. A piece of furniture comes with an instruction manual for assembly and power tools come with instructions for use. Even paints, solvents, and cleaners have important information on the packaging that you should always read before using.

Have a First-Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher Ready

No matter how many precautions you take, there is always the chance that you could injure yourself or cause a fire while completing certain projects. Stock up your first-aid kit and put it in an accessible area while you are working. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby if you are working with power tools, doing electrical work, or handling combustible chemicals.

DIY Safety Precautions and Proper Ventilation

Paints and chemicals are unhealthy to breathe, so provide as much ventilation as possible. If you can’t complete the project outdoors, open the windows and turn on a fan to increase airflow. Wear a mask or even an industrial-style respirator to protect your nose, mouth, and lungs.

Be Aware of Power Cords

Power cords laying across the floor are a tripping hazard and should be out of the way of any foot traffic. Tripping and falling in an area with dangerous tools can result in an emergency room visit.

Work Well-Rested

When taking on a DIY project, be sure to get some good restful sleep the night before. Many accidents happen simply because people are tired. If you don’t feel 100%, work on your project another day.

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