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You can customize your new home with any of these features and make your house more functional and comfortable. When building a new house, you get to choose the materials, features, and appliances installed by the builder. Here are a few options to consider including in your new construction.

Install Extra Outlets to Customize Your New Home

Everyone in your household will have laptops to plug in and devices to charge. Make sure there are plenty of outlets available. Ask your builder to install extra outlets in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. Your family won’t have a problem finding a place to plug in the printer or gaming system.

Walk-In Closets

Most families wish they had larger closets. When constructing a house, have your builder design walk-in closets for each bedroom. After moving in, you’ll be glad to have plenty of room for storing clothing, shoes, accessories, and toys.

Customize Your New Home with a Mudroom

Especially if you have young children or pets, you’ll be glad you have a mudroom. This entryway area provides space to remove shoes, hang jackets, and stash car keys. The mudroom is the perfect place to store umbrellas, hang pet leashes, and stow rain boots. Include a bench, hooks, coat rack, and cubbies for organizing the area.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Having a well-lit food prep space is invaluable. Have your builder install lighting beneath the kitchen cabinets to illuminate the countertops so you can see well when preparing dinner. A dimly lit kitchen can be a source of frustration. Make sure you have adequate lighting above the sink and kitchen island as well.

A Deep-Pour Foundation

If your new home will have a basement, request a deep-pour foundation. This adds height to the basement ceiling and provides more space should you ever decide to finish the basement. Higher ceilings help the area feel less cave-like and more like usable living space.

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