As a general contractor and owner of RAM (Repair and Maintenance) for 15 years, I have experienced the unique extremes weather and rental wear and tear can have on Outer Banks Homes. During these 15 years we have evolved into a home repair specialist. RAM has been called by 100’s of prospective home purchasers to review their pre-sale home inspection reports and prepare estimates to repair the defects found during the inspection. This experience of reviewing and repairing the defects has given me extensive knowledge of a wide variety of system defects typically found. Vacation homes not only have to withstand coastal weather extreme but are subject to heavy use by tenants. The home systems have to hold up to far more wear and tear than your primary residence.

Both existing and New Home Owners will benefit home a detailed inspection of their homes. When a home is not occupied by a full time owner,small issues can develop without being noticed for an extended period. This can turn a small defect into a large problem that can require extensive repairs.

I have seen too many homeowners get blindsided when an unforeseen defect is not discovered. By the time the signs of most unexpected repairs progress into something that is blatantly obvious, the defect requires a significant and costly repair to correct.

A thorough inspection buy an experience inspector is the best way to have the “peace of mind” knowing that your Outer Banks home is in great shape.

I look forward to helping you ensure your home is free of unexpected surprises.

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